Linda Cabot Design

Antilles Clay Necklace


Product Description
We’re getting back to basics with this simple, beautiful Clay Necklace by Cedar and Cypress Designs. The Antilles Clay Necklace comes in two colorways: a White clay bead on a silver chain or a Black clay bead on a gold chain. Made from Haitian clay & by artisans of Haiti, this necklace connects the wearer to nature and gives back to the community it came from. No two necklaces are the same; feel good while wearing it!
  • Made by Cedar and Cypress
  • Pit Fired Clay Beads
  • Beads made in Haiti by Papilion Enterprise
  • Chain measures 15 1/2″
  • Extension piece measures 1″
Cedar and Cypress Designs is a jewelry design company that partners with independent artisans in Haiti to create elegant style with a unique twist. As each piece is made with eco-friendly and natural materials, each accessory is made to be guilt free. Through your purchase and support, Cedar and Cypress is able to provide labor & support for their artisan partners in Haiti. This is a sustainable and ethical process of employment.


Product Care

Wipe with a damp cloth as needed.


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