Linda Cabot Design

Elle Earrings


Product Description
Our Elle Earrings are the perfect pop of minimalism! These gorgeous rectangular settings are sleek and sophisticated with a unique touch. Handmade with hand-cut horn from Haiti and set in a rectangular bezel, these elegant accessories are ethically crafted and eco-friendly. Due to the nature of the natural horn, a material that would otherwise be considered waste, each earring is unique in its details and overall color.
  • Made by Cedar and Cypress
  • Sourced in Haiti
  • Comes in light horn and dark horn.
Cedar and Cypress Designs is a jewelry design company that partners with independent artisans in Haiti to create elegant style with a unique twist. As each piece is made with eco-friendly and natural materials, your accessory purchase can be guilt-free. Through your purchase and support, Cedar and Cypress is able to provide support for their artisan partners in Haiti. This is a sustainable and ethical process of employment – a social enterprise business model.
Product Care

Wipe with a damp cloth as needed.


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