Linda Cabot Design

Face Mask Chain


Product Description

Taking your face mask off to enjoy a cup of coffee or take a socially distanced stroll? Our lightweight, eco-friendly face mask chain is the perfect solution for keeping your mask on you at all times, even during your lunch break. Skip placing your mask on a dirty surface – the face mask chain clips to each ear loop of any mask to drape around your neck when not in use.

Elevate your face mask game with this fashionable and minimalist accessory. This mask chain comes in 6 colorways and is made from environmentally friendly, non-petroleum based lightweight acetate (cellulose).

  • 24-inch chain length
  • Mask Chain colorways include: Dark Brown, Green, Clear, Grey, Taupe & Terracotta
  • Link sizes vary
  • Links are ⅜ inch by ¼ inch in colorways: Clear, Green & Grey
  • Links are ½ inch by ⅜ inch in colorways: Dark Brown, Taupe & Terracotta
  • Made from non-petroleum based lightweight acetate (eco friendly) material
  • Metal lobster claw clasps
  • Handmade in NYC
Product Care

Sanitize if necessary.


Pair With:

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