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Flower Smudge Wands


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Product Description

Our Flower Smudge Wands are lovely bouquets of dried herbs and flowers that can bring calm and tranquility to your space. The wands are made to release negative vibrations, lift consciousness, and cleanse your living space of bad vibes. Burn one end and cleanse your space of stress. Hand-bound with love, these unique mixes of dried plants can also add pops of color to your home decor. Materials for our Flower Smudge Wands are all harvested from Placerville, CA.

  • Made by Among the Flowers
  • Includes dried cedar, rose plants, and other herbs and flowers
  • Bounded with white thread
  • Approximately 5” long and 1” to ½” taper
Product Care

Light at either end and let smoke.

Extinguish completely after each use.



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