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Greeting Cards


Product Description

Let your friends and loved ones know that they are always on your mind. These sweet greeting cards add a personal & heart-warming touch to any gift, or act as a charming stand-alone greeting.

Each design is playful and minimal, making them perfect for any occasion! All cards are blank inside, to allow for personalization & creativity and to let your loved ones know how much you care.

  • Card sizes vary.
  • Size 5 ½” by 4 ¼” cards: Tiny Human, More than Tacos, Hitched, Momma, Adventures, Thank you w/ plant, and Oh Baby.
  • Size 4 ⅞” by 3 ½” cards:  I like you vs. I love you, and Mother-Daughter Forever
  • Includes card and envelope
  • All greeting cards are blank inside allowing for personalized messages
  • Produced and packaged in the US
  • Photos feature Horizon Tea Towel in Sunset

Gift With:

Our Organic Cotton


Lavender Eye Pillow