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Each of our pattern collections is based on a Linda Cabot painting, or series of paintings. To create the textiles or wearables in our collections we chooses a painting as a point of departure, photograph it, digitize it, then create patterns derived from various elements and flourishes from with in the painting. That may mean a horizon line turns into a striped motif or a small flower from a field becomes a punchy pink floral repeat. Each pattern is unique but it originates from the essence of an original artwork, be it a landscape watercolor of the Maine coast or an encaustic painting of a Dogwood tree in rural Massachusetts.

We believe that art can live on beyond the canvas, continuing to evolve and spread joy in unexpected ways. Linda’s original painting becomes functional, livable, and usable, proving that the lifespan of art doesn’t end when the piece itself is finished.

North Haven Picnic


Her Ocean

My online shop is now temporarily closed while I am working on new designs and paintings!

Cheers, Linda