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Ways You Can Use Your Cloth Napkins

ways to use cloth napkins

Disposable paper napkins are everywhere. Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, there has been a major rise in single-use products – from face masks to cutlery. We’ve reimagined reusable cloth napkins; not just for mealtime, they can have many more functions! We’d like to share how to get creative with any sustainable cloth napkin.

Single use paper napkins, once used or soiled, cannot be recycled. Some paper napkins can be composted, which is good, but that is only ideal if you have a compost nearby. Restocking your inventory of disposable table products adds up! – Using cloth napkins instead of paper is not only easier on the wallet, it also allows you to reduce your waste and reuse your cloth napkins. Ultimately, it’s always better to choose reusable over disposable whenever possible. 

At LCD we offer 100% certified organic cotton and linen napkins in many colorful hues & patterns. It’s almost impossible to choose paper over reusable after you’ve laid eyes on these eco-friendly beauties.

Here are a few ways to use our sustainable & ethically made napkins:

Carry one in your purse wherever you go

Keep one in your bag — always! You never know when you’ll need a napkin on the go, & (I promise) it will come in handy. Whether dabbing a small spill, soaking up that iced coffee condensation, needing an extra tissue, or using it with lunch. Also, have I mentioned they are adorable?(!)

linda cabot design using a napkin to line a bowl or basket

Line a bowl or basket

Who else has learned new recipes since quarantine?! Autumn is perfect for baking, and using a colorful cloth napkin will elevate your baked-goods presentation. Use any one of our LCD napkins in your bread basket the next time you share your culinary creation with a friend.

As a coaster

Small cocktail napkins make great coasters & your guests will love them. Looking for a set? Our set of 4 Cocktail Napkins are perfect for using as coasters — and they make a great gift!

linda cabot design using a napkin under a potted plant or vase

Under a potted plant or vase

Similar to a coaster, layer that cocktail napkin or folded table napkin under your potted plants babies. Not only will this protect wooden surfaces, but it will add a pop of color to any indoor greenery.

Take it with you in your packed lunch

Always pack a reusable napkin with your on-the-go lunch. This is a super simple way to cut down on your daily waste; small & sustainable choices that add up to make a big difference!

linda cabot design using a napkin as a pocket square

Wear as a pocket square

Unexpected, yet innovative; cloth napkin turned wardrobe! Spice up that jacket pocket with our multi use, brightly colored napkin.

linda cabot design blue pattern sustainable napkin

At your dining table (obvi!)

Cloth napkins at the dinner table are back (and here to stay)! Up your tableware game with a great set of napkins that will satisfy all of your hosting and individual dining needs. We love our Petite Lace Sage Napkins, a light green goes a long way as we transition from Summer to Autumn. Once you’ve started your table napkin collection, it’s fun to watch it grow!

single napkins for sale at linda cabot design boutique

“Single Ladies” Napkins

If you’re in the Boston area, we now offer a “Single Ladies” Napkin purchase-option. Here to fulfill all your single napkin needs. Sustainably made with organic cotton or linen — you can use them anywhere! Stop by the Boston Design Center to shop.

Shop cloth napkins and more here.


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